“We provide premium products, equipment, knowledge, and support to the service and repair industries.”

We are commited to Education

We take the time to train your service consultants so they are able to communicate the importance and effectiveness of automotive maintenance. We also train technicians on proper procedures for performing our services with the utmost competence. In other words, BG Certified service advisors and technicians are people you can trust.

We are committed to the pursuit of Excellence

What sets us apart from the competition? We differentiate ourselves by providing the highest quality products and ensuring outstanding service. We continually bring new, customer-driven technologies and service solutions to the market to help our customers succeed.

We Practice Honesty

We are all about integrity. This is a core value of our company. If we tell you that a product will accomplish something, we stand behind that promise. Just take a look at our Lifetime Protection Plan as one example of how we stand behind our products.

in Step with Market Change

As the maintenance requirements of ever more sophisticated engines have grown from model year to model year, BG has kept pace with detailed, comprehensive educational programs and a commitment to education. Check out information about “Dottie” our fuel test car. Or just look at our state-of-the art VIA tool that was in Motor’s Top 20 Tools for 2015. 

Contact our Team

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