Check out the following testimonial from our sister store in Nebraska!

My name is Mark Griger, owner of Fleetmark Solutions, I wanted to say Thank you to BG Nebraska and especially Jason Allen, my salesperson, for not only providing us with the chemical solutions manufactured by BG but also the wealth of education given to me and my repair team. We have had many successful treatments with the performance restoration service, both gas and diesel, improving the overall run-ability of our customer’s cars and trucks. This service can sometimes be a tough sell, but once the customer experiences how much different an engine runs after being treated, it turns into an amazing experience.

The most noticeable changes have been on high mileage hard worked diesel trucks, primarily Ford 7.3 Liter engines. An engine running rough with excessive blow by and a driver that has been told by multiple shops that injector replacement is necessary to make the truck run properly- cured by BG’s Diesel performance restoration service. The engine runs smoother, the blow by is barely noticeable, and the customer is amazed.

I have had many calls from customers thanking us for what we did to their transmissions. ATC Plus transmission service has made shifting smoother for multiple customers. The most pronounced is a customer with a 2002 N Nissan Maxima with 147,000 miles. He came in worried thinking he needed a new transmission. We inspected the situation and recommended an ATC plus transmission service. He was hesitant at first thinking how he didn’t want to waste any money since he already needs to pay for a transmission replacement. I explained the service and the BG Products assuring to him that the folks that make this product care about his car as much as he does. After the service, even immediately on the test drive, a noticeable improvement on the shifting was present. He later called and thanked us for saving him all that money. The car is still running and shifting properly today.

From all of us here at Fleetmark Solutions LLC and all of our customers, both current and future, Thank you BG Nebraska and Thank you, Jason, for all of the above and beyond service and training you provide.


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