If you are looking for the best protection for your Automatic Transmission, look no further. BG Universal Synthetic ATF provides the best protection possible to ensure longevity of the automatic transmission.

Automatic transmissions are more complex than ever. They operate under the extremest of conditions. From high temperatures, moisture and close gear tolerances, automatic transmissions suffer the effects of these conditions.  This means contamination. What contamination does is shear ordinary automatic transmission fluids to the point they no longer perform well. This can mean lost power and performance. Furthermore, worn-out automatic transmission fluid can leave deposits and debris in the transmission that could eventually destroy it.

An essential part of the BG Transmission Service, BG Universal Synthetic ATF is the superior choice to use in all passenger and commercial automatic transmissions. BG Synthetic ATF provides best in class protection of gears. BG Universal ATF also offers superior thermal stability, anti-wear protection, outstanding oxidative stability, foam resistance and corrosion control, exceptional low temperature fluidity and shear stability to ensure a long service life. When installed by a professional automotive service technician, it provides outstanding protection for automatic transmissions.

BG Universal Synthetic ATF is NOT intended for use in continuously variable transmissions (CVTs) or in transmissions requiring Type F fluid. BG Universal CVT Fluid can be used in the BG Transmission Service.