BG Engine Performance Restoration

Want a powerhouse cleaner? Look no further than BG EPR Engine Performance Restoration. EPR will effectively soften, emulsify and dissolve even the most stubborn of fuel gums that clog rings.

Since engines operate at higher temperatures than ever before, and with longer drain intervals engine oil breaks down and oxidizes at a high rate. Factor in reduced engine cooling and engine oil can succumb to the stresses of “normal” operation. This continuous thermal and oxidative breakdown contributes to oil thickening, heat retention and deposit formation. These heavy deposits can negatively affect piston-ring function; thus reducing fuel economy, lowering power output, and increasing harmful exhaust emissions and oil consumption.

Hard-to-remove deposits on piston rings  become softened with BG EPR in as little as 10 minutes! Properly sealed combustion chambers improve compression and reduce oil dilution through blow-by. BG EPR cleans micro passageways to maintain the critical hydraulic function of components such as valve train actuators and turbochargers. BG EPR restores fuel economy and power and is harmless to seals and other engine components. Excellent for maintenance of Gasoline Direct Injection engines.